Intro to Solar Workshop with Rex Rohrer of Silver Seed Farms, LLC

First solar array for InterCounty Electric Coop, St. James,MO

First solar array for Inter County Electric Coop, St. James, MO

Saturday, September 12, 2015

8 am to 4 pm at Waynesville Senior Center

1401 Ousley Rd, Waynesville, Missouri 65583

Fee: $25.00 ($15.00 for Each Additional Household Member) ~ Lunch included

Pre-registration Required By 9/4/15**
HOSTED BY: Wild Side Farm, LLC & Responsible Growth, US
Grid intertie w/ micro inverters

Grid intertie w/ micro inverters

Are you ready to go solar but don’t know how to get there? Does it seem expensive and a bit daunting? Did you know that you can start with a very small, relatively inexpensive system and work your way up?

Geared to the homeowner, we will start with the basics and go beyond. The information you receive in this class will help you make informed decisions about your solar requirements and will help you ask the right questions of a solar installer and know what to expect from your electric coop. You will be a much more knowledgeable consumer embarking on the path of solar ownership, be it a small or larger system. 

Become comfortable in your understanding of solar energy:

  • Learn the Language of Electricity
  • Receive informative handout and resource list
  • Hands-on access to solar equipment

Learn all about PV solar power systems:

  • How solar power works
  • Solar site evaluation, use of passive solar
  • Each type of system ~ grid intertie, grid-tie with battery backup, off-grid ~ and associated costs
  • How each system type is configured and constructed
  • How these systems can be incorporated into daily use

Be An Energy Guru:

  • Learn about recommended manufacturers and time-tested products
  • Learn about the laws pertaining solar energy, rebates and credits, and how to work with your electric provider.
  • Assess your household’s electrical load using simple mathematical equations.
  • Get rid of phantoms!
  • Develop and implement your own efficiency and conservation plan, cornerstone to efficient use of solar energy.
  • Get started providing your own electricity from the sun.

What to Bring to the Workshop: 

  • one year of month-by-month kwh totals, obtained from your electric provider
  • calculator
  • pen and paper


Pre-registration Required By 9/4/15

Call 573-855-0128 or email

**Homemade Lunch will be served to those in attendance

** Net proceeds will be used to help establish a community sustainability education foundation for Pulaski County, MO


Cob Oven Building Workshop June 13, 14, 15th!

finished! Belmont oven

Somehow, time has gotten away from us.  It does that.  We move from day-to-day, activity-to-activity, moment-to-moment, and things slip through.  Such is the case for this blog post, since it’s rather last moment.

This Cob Oven Building Workshop will occur in Bourbon, Missouri, about half-way between St. Louis and Rolla on I-44 – an easy drive for most in this area.  You can come for all three days or just some of the days.  Camping and showers are available and free.

A cob oven is a traditional earthen oven, using materials from nature, such as earth, sand, and straw.  Earthen ovens are often built in three layers – thermal mass, insulation, and the outer finish/sculpted layer.

The beauty of working with cob is the connection to the earth, the connection with each other in the building and in the natural wood-fire cooking of food for many years to come, and in the connection with our ancestors, using this ancient building process, much as they did. 🙂

Mixing Cob

Our hands-on workshop will teach you how to build with this most ancient building material to create a beautiful, natural outdoor oven in which to cook your food.  You will learn everything you need to know to re-create an oven in your own backyard.

For more information, go to our website:–events.html.

Hope you can make it!  Email us at

Alex and Kieran added their artistic Australian touches to the oven!  :-)