Cob Oven Building Workshop June 13, 14, 15th!

finished! Belmont oven

Somehow, time has gotten away from us.  It does that.  We move from day-to-day, activity-to-activity, moment-to-moment, and things slip through.  Such is the case for this blog post, since it’s rather last moment.

This Cob Oven Building Workshop will occur in Bourbon, Missouri, about half-way between St. Louis and Rolla on I-44 – an easy drive for most in this area.  You can come for all three days or just some of the days.  Camping and showers are available and free.

A cob oven is a traditional earthen oven, using materials from nature, such as earth, sand, and straw.  Earthen ovens are often built in three layers – thermal mass, insulation, and the outer finish/sculpted layer.

The beauty of working with cob is the connection to the earth, the connection with each other in the building and in the natural wood-fire cooking of food for many years to come, and in the connection with our ancestors, using this ancient building process, much as they did. 🙂

Mixing Cob

Our hands-on workshop will teach you how to build with this most ancient building material to create a beautiful, natural outdoor oven in which to cook your food.  You will learn everything you need to know to re-create an oven in your own backyard.

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Alex and Kieran added their artistic Australian touches to the oven!  :-)



Workshops 2013 with Silver Seed Farms

I like to play in the dirt

There is a lot of excitement building for more sustainable housing and living, as we become aware of the hazards of acquiring, manufacturing, and using modern building materials. Also, when we develop an awareness of the beauty of what Eckhart Tolle refers to as “chopping wood, carrying water” – that is, appreciating the beauty of life in the simple things in the moment – we feel closer to life itself, which gives us a feeling of wholeness. We started on our path of sustainability (it really is a path to be enjoyed, not so much just a goal to attain) over 20 years ago, when sustainability was more of a “fringe” idea, left to idealists and survivalists.  Now that many in the mainstream are beginning to see the pitfalls of “The American Dream”, more and more people are moving towards a strong environmental ethic and humanitarian concern – The New American Dream.

With all of this in mind, we are excited to announce our current slate of workshops for the 2013 year!

In addition, if you have a workshop you would like to host and for us to teach, please contact us at, and we will work with you.


Belmont oven finished!

Cob (Earthen) Oven Workshop ~ May 3, 4, & 5, 2013 ~ Class will be held at EEC Teaching Center, Bourbon, Missouri.  On-site camping, showers, meals and book included.  

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Cob Elements:  Sculpting With Earth ~ June 2013 ~ At Silver Seed Farms, Leasburg, Missouri.

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natural plasters and finishes

Natural Paints and Finishes ~ July 13 ~ Class will be held at EEC Teaching Center, Bourbon, Missouri.

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Solar Photovoltaic Energy Introduction ~ July 27 ~ Workshop to take place at EEC Teaching Center, Bourbon, Missouri.  This class is prerequisite to the Advanced Solar Installation July 28-31.

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Charge Controller and Inverter 2 (480x640)

Advanced Solar PV Installation Workshop – July 28, 29, 30, 31 –  Follow along and help install a 3,000 watt grid-intertie, battery back-up system.  Free Photovoltaics book, camping, outdoor showers, all meals included.  Workshop will be held at EEC Teaching Center, Bourbon, Missouri.  Prerequisite: Solar PV Energy Introduction.

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Straw Bale Building Workshop ~ October 4, 5 & 6 ~ at EEC Teaching Center, Bourbon, Missouri

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Gravel Bag Foundation Workshop – October 3 – Workshop will be held at EEC Teaching Center, Bourbon, Missouri.  Come learn the skills to get your foundation right!  Free with Straw Bale Building Workshop.

Living Roof Workshop – October 19, 20 ~ Free with Straw Bale Building Workshop.  Workshop held at EEC Teaching Center, Bourbon, Missouri.  

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For info on straw bale building or natural building in general, go to our website.   

To see the full natural building offerings (including Building a Cordwood Sauna) at EEC, go to their website at

Check out our website, and let us hear from you.

🙂  Happy Adventures into Sustainability!