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Economy of Giving

Not everyone can build their own straw bale house, afford to have solar power-generating equipment, or live a permaculture lifestyle, but we all can make some positive changes in our lives ~ positive for ourselves and for the planet.  Each of us can personally minimize our lifestyle by:

  • using less plastic;
  • eating more locally-produced food;
  • growing some of our own food;
  • weatherizing our home to be much more efficient;
  • adding south-facing solar collectors to the house;
  • growing native plants to encourage native pollinators and birds;
  • recycling and upcycling; and
  • reducing our reliance on finite energy sources.

We believe that information should be free, and we have endeavored to bring as much information to our website and blog as time allows, always adding more!  We have studied these subjects and practiced these “arts” for many years ~ plants and landscaping for 35 years, and sustainable building practices and solar for 25 years now.  We offer a lot of free information and even some hands-on education free or at a reduced rate, thereby participating heartily in the “gift economy”.

If you have gotten something out of the information we offer – on our website/blog, on the telephone, or in person – please consider donating to our continuing mission of providing information and educational services, all guided by a deep respect for Nature.

Your donation allows us to continue to educate folks as we volunteer our time teaching and helping others to build their homes or other sustainable project. PayPal’s service is secure, and we appreciate whatever you give. We are at present a small business, and we live very frugally. Our intent is to continue our current lifestyle and direction and to help others in whatever ways we can. Thank you so much!

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