Cob Oven Building Workshop June 13, 14, 15th!

finished! Belmont oven

Somehow, time has gotten away from us.  It does that.  We move from day-to-day, activity-to-activity, moment-to-moment, and things slip through.  Such is the case for this blog post, since it’s rather last moment.

This Cob Oven Building Workshop will occur in Bourbon, Missouri, about half-way between St. Louis and Rolla on I-44 – an easy drive for most in this area.  You can come for all three days or just some of the days.  Camping and showers are available and free.

A cob oven is a traditional earthen oven, using materials from nature, such as earth, sand, and straw.  Earthen ovens are often built in three layers – thermal mass, insulation, and the outer finish/sculpted layer.

The beauty of working with cob is the connection to the earth, the connection with each other in the building and in the natural wood-fire cooking of food for many years to come, and in the connection with our ancestors, using this ancient building process, much as they did. 🙂

Mixing Cob

Our hands-on workshop will teach you how to build with this most ancient building material to create a beautiful, natural outdoor oven in which to cook your food.  You will learn everything you need to know to re-create an oven in your own backyard.

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Hope you can make it!  Email us at

Alex and Kieran added their artistic Australian touches to the oven!  :-)