Warmer Days and a Happy Tree Frog

Warmer Days and a Happy Tree Frog

All holed up in our warm straw bale cottage on this *very* cold January afternoon, and in temporary avoidance of some of my home duties, I find my thoughts going to hot summer days and festive evenings when we light the torches and swim with Tree Frogs in the moonlight.

Now, we do not have air-conditioning, since the straw house stays fairly cool during the Missouri summers, peaking at 83 degrees inside when it’s 103 degrees of sustained heat outside. However, we feel most comfortable when we can cool our body temperatures down by swimming or just lounging for a bit in the lake down the hill or up here in the little pool. Of course, the walk uphill is less desirable in the heat of the day, so the pool ends up being our next-best-thing to air-conditioning. It turns out that frogs feel the same way we do – desiring escape from the heat, the pool is a very convenient body of water. We find little Spring Peepers and Tree Frogs who spend the day peeking out at us from in the liner of the pool (in our daughter’s photo: under the side rail where you see the frog sitting), and they spend the overnight hours swimming, mating, and laying eggs. In the evenings when we swim, the frogs are hanging out on the rails, floating on the pool mattress (imagine that for a moment!), propelling themselves through the clear water, or are attached to the sides of the pool, all joined together in their chorus of song. Often 10 or 15 of them! They do not worry about us, and we enjoy their serenades and little froggy antics.

From this vantage point and looking out at the frosty gray-blue sky, I am enjoying memories of and looking forward to the long summer days punctuated by iced sun tea, cob oven pizza and bread, cool garden salads, and refreshing dips with some of Missouri’s cutest amphibians.

We have been involved in some fun and exciting projects, and news of these will follow soon. Right now, it’s good to dream. 🙂